Bring It On, Black Spectrum Theatre (La Cienega)

“Also creating an indelible impression was Ian Fields Stewart, who self-identifies on Facebook as a black, queer and gender-nonconforming storyteller and activist, as La Cienega, believed to be the first transgender high school character featured in a Broadway musical. This tall and fearless performer fills the stage with sassiness.”

-Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle


"In "Survivor Tango," the show’s strongest piece, the cast shares common situations related to sexual harassment and assault, some of which are based upon their own experiences."

- Adrienne UrbanskiTheatre is Easy

“Blurred Lines” not only uses the power of words to convey a call to action to end rape culture, they also integrated movement and dance throughout the performance. Choreographer Ianne Fields Stewart told GO, “Words carve a specific journey for the audience which we find entry points into for our own narrative throughout that journey. Movement creates an emotional architecture which every audience member can superimpose their story onto.”

The process of reclaiming autonomy is an important step in healing for many survivors. “Each actor has come to this piece with different baggage given to them by a society that continuously strips them of bodily autonomy,” Stewart said. “It is my job as the choreographer to provide the space for them to reclaim some of that autonomy and shape the piece as a whole to better serve the piece.”

– Corinne Werder, Go Magazine

In Theory, Cracked Binding (Theory and Co-Collaborator)

"The way I interpret activism in theater, in its revolutionary sense, is that you are literally leading the horses to water, so to speak…. You are leading the audience to the next moment or the next movement, rather than just presenting them with options and thoughts that they can sit with” (Stewart)

- Matthew DeNapoli Champagne and Ashley Marinaccio, Casting Out Violence


"an androgynous, purely fabulous Jesus Christ (Ianne Fields Stewart, a truly sharp and contagious actor)."

- Lexi Orphanos, Theatre is Easy

Embodi(ed), Girl Be Heard (Choreographer)


"I found the dance segments particularly compelling: Beautifully executed by the company and smartly choreographed by Ianne Fields Stewart, the dance sections predominantly fuse classical ballet and modern techniques (with hints of May Day pole dances, musical theater styles, and country thrown in occasionally), providing a key juxtaposition between traditional images of “feminine perfection” and expressionistic images of the turmoil these “perfectionist” pressures cause.”

-Rachel Abrams, Theatre is Easy

" The choreography was impressive and on point”"

-The Angry Redheaded Lawyer blog



“ The audience follows the pair into an anteroom, in which we learn, via a beautifully-rendered dance sequence, the legend of the diamond: long ago, a Lady Queen (Ianne F. Stewart) came to the kingdom of a Boy Prince (Nikita Chaudhry)...This tale proves an apt metaphor for the events to come, and its themes of love and betrayal echo throughout as Stewart and Chaudhry hover at Untameable’s peripheries, intercutting scenes with graceful, silent vignettes of the Prince and Queen’s doomed courtship.”

-Emily Cordes, Theatre is Easy

Girl Be Heard Feature, CTAUN Conference

"The conference ended on a dramatic note with a performance by a Theatre Group of young women called ‘Girl Be Heard.’ Introduced by Peggy Kerry [John Kerry’s sister] the girls had written, and performed, their personal perceptions of the [sustainable development goals]. The writing was powerful and the performances moving."

-CTAUN Conference