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Ianne Named One of the 2017 John Lewis Fellows with Humanity in Action


Humanity in Action's programs concern human rights activities generally, but they focus specifically on the relationship between majority and minority groups in the countries in which the programs take place. The John Lewis Fellowship will focus on issues of diversity within the United States, with a particular emphasis on restorative justice in Georgia. The Fellowship's restorative justice framework grounds the program and directs the Fellows’ to address specific, substantive, civil and human rights issues, such as education, public health, urban development, and policing. In 2017, the Fellowship will place a greater emphasis on community engagement and the impact of the fellowship programming on the public at large in Atlanta.  

For four weeks, the United States and Atlanta will serve as case studies to broaden and challenge Fellows’ understanding of human rights issues. Fellows apply the knowledge and skills gained from their Fellowship experience to strengthen their work in their own communities around the world.