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32 Red Casino, a distinguished name in the online gaming world, stands out for its dynamic blend of excitement and reliability. Established in the early 2000s, this casino quickly positioned itself as a leader in the online gaming industry, offering a wide range of games including slots, table games, and live casino experiences. Renowned for its user-centric approach, 32Red has consistently emphasized a seamless and engaging gaming experience, bolstered by state-of-the-art technology and innovative game design.
The platform is celebrated not just for its diverse gaming options but also for its commitment to responsible gaming practices, ensuring a safe and ethical environment for its users. This commitment has earned numerous accolades and awards, further solidifying its status as a trusted and authoritative player in the online casino world.

The People Behind 32 Red Casino

Delving deeper it becomes evident that casino success is not just a product of its excellent gaming offerings but also a reflection of the visionary leadership and dedicated team behind it. The ownership and management have played a pivotal role in shaping its trajectory, from strategic business decisions to the innovative features that define the user experience.
The story of 32Red’s ownership is one of strategic foresight and adaptive leadership. Over the years, the company has experienced shifts in its ownership structure, each bringing new perspectives and strategies to the table. These changes have not only influenced the company’s policy and operations but have also impacted the broader online gaming industry.
In the following sections, we will explore the history of casinos ownership, how it has influenced the company’s growth and strategy, and what this means for the future of online gaming. Understanding the people behind 32 Red Casino offers valuable insights into the company’s ethos, its commitment to excellence, and its ongoing mission to redefine the online gaming experience.

Henrik Tjärnström: The CEO at 32Red Casino

Henrik Tjarnsrom 32 red casino owner

Henrik Tjärnström, a figure synonymous with leadership and innovation in the online gaming industry, serves as the CEO of 32 Red Casino. Tjärnström’s journey in the industry is marked by a blend of strategic foresight and a deep understanding of the online gaming sector. Prior to his tenure, Tjärnström cultivated a rich background in business management and technology, elements crucial in the rapidly evolving landscape of online gaming.
His educational background, often in fields related to business strategy and technology, laid a strong foundation for his role in the gaming industry. Tjärnström’s career path is characterized by progressive responsibilities in various companies, where he honed his skills in corporate management, strategic planning, and customer-centric product development. This diverse experience equipped him with a unique perspective on the online gaming market, enabling him to drive innovation and growth effectively.

His Role and Contributions to the Casino

As the CEO, Henrik Tjärnström has been instrumental in steering the company through the competitive and ever-changing world of online gaming. Under his leadership, 32 Red has not only expanded its game offerings but also emphasized user experience and responsible gaming – aspects that have significantly enhanced the brand’s reputation and trustworthiness.
One of Tjärnström’s notable contributions is his focus on leveraging technology to enhance the gaming experience. This involves integrating advanced software, ensuring game fairness, and providing a seamless and secure platform for players. His vision also extends to the operational aspects of the business, where he has implemented strategies to optimize performance, customer satisfaction, and financial growth.
Tjärnström’s leadership has been pivotal in navigating through industry challenges, including regulatory changes and market competition. His approach often involves adapting to changing industry trends while maintaining the core values of 32Red. His dedication to responsible gaming practices has been particularly commendable, positioning 32 Redcasino as a leader in promoting safe and ethical gaming practices.
Under Henrik Tjärnström’s guidance, casino continues to evolve, always aiming to stay ahead of industry trends and meet the changing needs of its user base. His strategic acumen and commitment to excellence have been key drivers in establishing 32 Red as a premier destination in the online gaming industry.

Henrik Tjärnström Networth

As of October 2023, Henrik Tjärnström, the Chief Executive Officer at Kindred plc, which is the parent company of 32Red Casino, has a reported total compensation of $1,204,452​​. This figure represents his earnings in his executive role at Kindred plc, reflecting his value and contributions to the company. It’s important to note that this figure encompasses his total compensation package, which may include base salary, bonuses, and other forms of remuneration.
Further detailed information about his net worth, including personal assets and investments, is not readily available in the public domain. Executive compensation packages like Tjärnström’s are typically a mix of salary, bonuses, and stock options or grants, which are dependent on the company’s performance and other factors. His earnings as the CEO reflect his leadership role and the responsibilities associated with managing a major player in the online gaming industry.

The Business Model and Success

32 Red has established itself as a formidable player in the online gaming industry with a business model that cleverly integrates a variety of gaming options and user-focused services. Since obtaining a gambling license in Gibraltar in 2002 and operating under the UK Gambling Commission, it has offered over 500 casino games including blackjack, roulette, sports betting, and poker. The games are sourced from leading developers like Microgaming and NetEnt, ensuring quality and variety. Additionally, the platform has expanded into bingo, catering to a diverse gaming audience.
A key factor in casino’s success is its strategic acquisitions and growth initiatives. Notably, in 2014, 32Red purchased GoWild Casino’s UK customer database and, in 2015, acquired Roxy Palace Casino for £8.4 million. These acquisitions significantly expanded their customer base and market presence. By 2015, the company reported a remarkable 52% year-over-year growth in net gaming revenue, evidencing its successful expansion strategies. The company’s growth trajectory continued, and in 2017, 32 Red itself was acquired by Kindred Group, marking a significant milestone in its history​

Role of Henrik Tjärnström in Success of Casino

Henrik Tjärnström’s role in driving the success of the casino operations under Kindred Group, can be attributed to several key strategic initiatives and leadership qualities:

  1. Embracing Technological Advancements: Tjärnström has been instrumental in leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the gaming experience. This includes integrating sophisticated gaming software, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly platform, and adopting advanced security measures to protect player information.
  2. Strategic Acquisitions and Expansion: Under his leadership, the company has made strategic acquisitions, like the purchase of Roxy Palace Casino, which expanded the customer base and broadened the market reach. These acquisitions have been crucial in consolidating the company’s position in the competitive online gaming market.
  3. Focus on Customer Experience: Tjärnström places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. By offering a wide variety of games, ensuring fair play, and providing efficient customer service, he has fostered a loyal customer base. His approach to continuously improving the user experience has been a key factor in retaining and attracting players.
  4. Commitment to Responsible Gaming: He has been a proponent of responsible gaming practices. This commitment not only builds trust with players but also aligns with regulatory requirements, ensuring the company’s operations adhere to high ethical standards.
  5. Adapting to Market Trends and Regulations: Tjärnström’s ability to navigate the company through changing regulatory landscapes and evolving market trends has been crucial. His forward-thinking approach in adapting to these changes has helped the company stay ahead in the industry.
  6. Financial and Operational Management: His leadership extends to astute financial and operational management, optimizing company performance and ensuring sustainable growth. This has included focusing on key performance indicators and making data-driven decisions to enhance profitability and market presence.
  7. Building a Strong Brand Image: Tjärnström has been key in developing a strong and reputable brand image for the casino. By emphasizing quality, reliability, and innovation, he has established the casino as a trusted name in the online gaming community.


Our exploration of 32Red Casino and its CEO, Henrik Tjärnström, reveals a multifaceted picture of success and strategic leadership in the competitive online gaming industry.

  • 32 Red Casino’s Business Model: We discussed how casino has established itself as a leader in the online gaming world through a diverse range of gaming options, from slots and table games to sports betting and poker. Their commitment to quality, provided by top game developers, and a focus on responsible gaming have been central to their business model.
  • Growth and Strategic Acquisitions: The company’s growth has been marked by strategic acquisitions, such as Roxy Palace Casino, and a significant increase in net gaming revenue. These moves have expanded their market reach and customer base, demonstrating their ability to adapt and grow within the industry.
  • Henrik Tjärnström’s Leadership: As the CEO, Tjärnström has played a pivotal role in driving this success. His approach combines technological innovation, strategic expansion, and a deep focus on customer experience. His commitment to responsible gaming and his ability to navigate the company through regulatory and market changes have been particularly noteworthy.
  • Closing Thoughts on Henrik Tjärnström: Tjärnström stands out as a visionary leader whose strategies have not only propelled the growth of casino but also significantly influenced the online gaming industry. His leadership style, marked by innovation, adaptability, and a strong ethical compass, exemplifies the qualities necessary for guiding a company in a dynamic and challenging market landscape.

Henrik Tjärnström’s tenure as the CEO of Kindred Group, overseeing 32Red Casino, showcases a blend of strategic foresight, operational excellence, and a commitment to ethical and responsible gaming. These qualities have not only cemented the company’s position as a leader in the industry but also set a benchmark for effective and sustainable management in the ever-evolving world of online gaming.


  • When was 32 Red Casino established?

    32 Red Casino was established in the year 2002.

  • Is 32 Red Casino licensed and regulated?

    Yes, 32 Red Casino is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Government of Gibraltar.

  • Who is the current owner of 32Red Casino?

    The current owner of 32Red Casino is Kindred Group Plc, a company known for its prominent role in the online gaming industry. They acquired 32Red in 2017.

  • How has the ownership by Kindred Group affected 32Red Casino?

    Since being acquired by Kindred Group, 32Red Casino has benefited from enhanced resources, including improved technology, a wider range of games, and access to a broader market.

  • Where can interested parties find more information about 32Red Casino and Kindred Group?

    Detailed information can be found on the official websites of 32Red Casino and Kindred Group, as well as through their press releases and official social media channels.

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