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Casumo, established as a prominent figure in the online casino and sportsbook sector, has etched its name as a key player in the industry. Founded in 2012, Casumo is not just an online casino; it encompasses a wide range of offerings, including video slots, jackpot games, a live casino, table games, and betting options. Headquartered in Malta, this Maltese company extends its presence with offices in Barcelona, Gibraltar, and Zagreb. Notably, Casumo isn’t confined to its brand; it also owns other online casino operators like Dunder and Kazoom Casino, expanding its footprint in the digital gambling domain​​.
In this article, we delve into the intriguing aspects of Casumo’s ownership and leadership. Our focus will be on Casumo Services Limited, the entity that owns Casumo, and its key figures, particularly exploring the backgrounds and net worth of those at the helm. Additionally, we will shed light on the CEO who currently leads Casumo, understanding their role and contribution to the company’s success. This exploration aims not just to inform but to provide a comprehensive understanding of the driving forces behind Casumo’s thriving presence in the online casino industry.

Ownership Structure of Casumo

Main owner of Casumo with directors and investors

Casumo casino, licensed to operate a remote gaming business by the Malta Gaming Authority, a renowned name in the online casino and sportsbook services industry, is owned by Casumo Services Limited. This parent entity, founded in 2012, is a Maltese company itself and operates under the larger umbrella of Casumo Holding PLC. This corporate structure signifies a well-established hierarchy within the organization, reflecting its stability and strategic operational management. Casumo Holding PLC, headquartered in Malta, was incorporated in 2013, marking a significant step in the establishment of Casumo’s corporate identity​​.
Regarding the shareholders of Casumo Holding PLC, there is a diverse group of entities and individuals. Key shareholders include BERAGENA LIMITED, CARAMERA AB, CASUMO MEDIA LIMITED, GIGA HOLDINGS LIMITED, and several others. This diverse shareholder base contributes to the robust financial and strategic support for Casumo, facilitating its growth and expansion in the online gambling sector. The directors of Casumo Holding PLC, as of the latest available information, are Matthew Borg Manche and Oscar Per Erik Simonsson, indicating experienced leadership at the helm​​.
It’s important to note that Casumo’s stocks are privately held and are not available for public trade or exchange. This aspect of their ownership implies a certain level of exclusivity and control over the company’s strategic direction, with a focus on long-term growth and sustainability rather than short-term market fluctuations​​.
Over the years, Casumo has maintained a relatively stable ownership structure, with no significant public announcements regarding major changes or shifts in ownership. This stability can be seen as a positive indicator of the company’s steady growth and the effective management of its corporate affairs. The consistency in ownership also suggests a focused vision for the company’s future, with an emphasis on maintaining and expanding its presence in the online gaming industry.

Founder of Casumo

Oscar Simonsson — was instrumental in the establishment and early growth of Casumo. As one of the key founders, Simonsson initially took on the role of CEO, a position he held for about 7 years. Under his leadership, Casumo evolved from a startup with just a few employees to a large, international company with approximately 250 staff members. The company, which started its journey in Malta, expanded its presence with an additional office in Barcelona. Simonsson played a crucial role in introducing innovative concepts to the online casino market, significantly contributing to Casumo’s development and success​

Net Worth and Financial Success of Casumo Founder

Estimating the net worth of Casumo’s founders, particularly in the context of the broader online casino industry, presents a challenge due to the lack of publicly available detailed financial information. Specific figures regarding the net worth of the founders of Casumo, including Oscar Per Erik Simonsson, are not readily accessible in public records or financial disclosures. This lack of information is typical in privately held companies, where financial details are often kept confidential.
However, the financial success of Casumo as a company can provide some insights. For instance, Casumo Services Limited reported an impressive annual revenue of $421.29 million in 2013​​. This substantial revenue stream undoubtedly contributed significantly to the wealth of its founders and key stakeholders. The success of Casumo, driven by innovative gaming experiences and a strong market presence, has likely enhanced the financial standing of its founders, reflecting their strategic vision and business acumen.
In comparison to the broader online casino industry, where some founders and key figures have publicly known net worths running into billions, the financial status of Casumo’s founders may not be as conspicuous. The online casino industry is known for its highly lucrative nature, with several industry leaders and entrepreneurs achieving notable wealth through their ventures. However, without specific figures, it is challenging to directly compare the net worth of Casumo’s founders with their industry counterparts.

Current Сasumo CEO

Simonsson, who served as the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, played a significant role in shaping Casumo’s vision and growth. His leadership contributed to Casumo becoming one of the most distinctive and innovative online casino and sports betting operators in Europe.

Under the current leadership of Casumo CEO Francesco Postiglione, Casumo continues to thrive. Postiglione, former CEO of Hattrick PSK, brings a wealth of experience to the role, further driving Casumo’s commitment to design and improve the gaming experience.


Looking forward, Casumo is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation under the stewardship of Postiglione. With its robust leadership, commitment to enhancing user experience, and continuous efforts to reinvent gaming, Casumo is set to remain a key player in the online casino industry.


  • Who owns Casumo?

    Casumo is owned by a group of companies collectively known as the "Casumo Group." The primary entities behind Casumo are Casumo Services Limited and Casumo Holding PLC.

  • What is Casumo Holding PLC?

    Casumo Holding PLC is the parent company of Casumo, responsible for overseeing the operations and strategic direction of the Casumo Group. It is a public limited company.

  • Where is Casumo's headquarters located?

    Casumo's headquarters is located in Malta. The company also has offices in other locations, including Sweden, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

  • Is Casumo publicly traded?

    Yes, Casumo Holding PLC is a publicly traded company. Its shares are listed on a stock exchange.

  • Who are the key individuals behind Casumo?

    Casumo's co-founders are Oscar Simonsson and Daniel Lindberg. They established the company in 2012, and their vision played a significant role in its success.

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