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Grosvenor Casino, a prominent name in the UK’s gaming and entertainment industry, boasts a fascinating history and significant standing. Established in 1970, this chain encompasses 53 casinos across major towns and cities in the UK, with an additional two unbranded sister casinos in Belgium. Notably, Grosvenor Casinos form a part of The Rank Group, a company that operates exclusively in the casino, bingo, and online gaming sectors across Belgium, Spain, and the UK​​.
The Rank Group, led by CEO John O’Reilly, has faced challenging times recently, as indicated by a reported £72 million loss. Despite these setbacks, there is a sense of optimism for recovery and growth​​. It’s important to distinguish between Grosvenor Casino and the Grosvenor Group. While they share a similar name, Grosvenor Group Limited is an internationally diversified property group with a different focus, tracing its origins back to 1677 and headquartered in London, England. It operates globally in 62 cities, managed by the Duke of Westminster and his family​​.
The article aims to delve into the intricate web of ownership and management behind Grosvenor Casino. It will explore the financial standing and strategic moves of The Rank Group, the current owner of Grosvenor Casinos, and the impacts of their business decisions on the brand’s market position. This exploration will provide a comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping the modern landscape of the gaming and entertainment industry.

Grosvenor Casino CEO: The role in shaping the casino’s direction.

The pivotal role of the CEO in shaping the direction of Grosvenor Casino cannot be overstated. Since 2018, John O’Reilly has served as the CEO of The Rank Group, the British-based gambling group responsible for operating Grosvenor Casino, along with other ventures like Mecca Bingo and several online casino sites. His leadership has been crucial in steering the company through the evolving landscape of the gambling industry, especially considering the recent financial challenges and the ongoing recovery efforts​​.
In its early stages, Grosvenor Casino’s journey involved significant growth, particularly in the 1980s, which was a period marked by expansion and consolidation in the UK casino industry. The company started as a modest operation but quickly grew into a major player. This growth was fueled by strategic decisions, including those made by the CEOs over the years, each contributing to the shaping of the casino’s direction and its adaptation to changing market dynamics.

Background of John O’Reilly’s career

John O’Reilly’s career before joining Grosvenor Casino as the CEO of The Rank Group Plc, the parent company of Grosvenor Casinos, is marked by significant achievements and leadership roles in the gaming and gambling industry.
Before his tenure at The Rank Group, O’Reilly was a senior executive at the Gala Coral Group from August 2011 to April 2015. At Gala Coral, he served as the Managing Director of Coral Interactive (Gibraltar) Ltd, where he was instrumental in launching and building Coral’s highly successful online business. This role showcased his ability to adapt to the evolving digital landscape of the gambling industry​​.
In addition to his role at Gala Coral, O’Reilly also held a notable position at Ladbrokes plc, another major player in the gambling sector. He was an executive director on the board of Ladbrokes, lending his expertise to the company’s strategic and operational leadership. His experience at Ladbrokes further solidified his reputation as a knowledgeable and capable leader in the gambling industry​​.
Before joining The Rank Group as CEO, O’Reilly was associated with William Hill Plc as a Non-Executive Director from 2017 to 2018. His appointment as Chief Executive Officer of The Rank Group in 2018 was a testament to his extensive experience and leadership capabilities, with over 25 years in the industry. This role at William Hill further expanded his experience, providing him with a broader perspective on the international gaming market

Net worth of Grosvenor Casino CEO

John O’Reilly, serving as the CEO of Grosvenor Casino, boasts an estimated net worth of GBP 564,311, which translates to around USD 677,173. This figure is a testament to his significant role in steering one of the UK’s foremost gaming and entertainment organizations.

Grosvenor Casino Profits under John O’Reilly’s

In recent years, the financial trajectory of Grosvenor Casino, under the umbrella of The Rank Group, has seen notable fluctuations, particularly influenced by the global COVID-19 pandemic. For the fiscal year 2020-2021, the casino marked a commendable recovery, registering a profit of £74.3 million. This was a significant turnaround from the £107.3 million loss reported in the preceding year. The resilience of the company is further highlighted by its impressive net gaming revenue for 2021-2022, which saw a 95% increase to £644 million. This upswing occurred despite the numerous operational challenges faced, including extended periods of closure, curfews, and various regional restrictions imposed during the 2020-2021 financial year due to the pandemic.
In 2020, the financial landscape for Grosvenor Casino was markedly different. The Rank Group reported a decrease in revenues, falling to £638 million from £695 million in the previous year. Pre-tax profits also reflected this downturn, standing at £15.4 million in 2020, a stark contrast to the £34.6 million in 2019. The adverse effects of COVID-19, which necessitated the closure of all its businesses, played a significant role in this decline. Despite these challenges, the subsequent recovery and growth in profits and revenue illustrate the resilience and strategic adaptability of Grosvenor Casino in navigating the tumultuous waters of the gaming and entertainment industry.


The story of Grosvenor Casino is marked by strategic ownership and leadership, primarily under The Rank Group. This stewardship has seen the casino evolve from its early days as County Clubs and Grosvenor Clubs to a major player in the UK’s gaming and entertainment industry. Key figures like CEO John O’Reilly have played crucial roles in navigating financial challenges and leveraging opportunities for growth, particularly in the face of recent adversities like the COVID-19 pandemic.
Grosvenor Casino’s legacy, built on strategic expansion and resilience, positions it well for future prospects. With a strong foothold in both land-based and online gaming, and a consistent recovery in profits, the casino is set to continue as a significant entity in the gaming industry, adapting to changing market dynamics and customer preferences.


  • Who owns Grosvenor Casinos?

    Grosvenor Casinos is owned by The Rank Group plc, a British-based gaming and leisure company.

  • What is The Rank Group plc?

    The Rank Group plc is a diverse entertainment company with a long history in the UK. They operate various gaming and leisure businesses, including Grosvenor Casinos, Mecca Bingo, and Enracha, a Spanish gaming brand.

  • When was Grosvenor Casinos founded?

    Grosvenor Casinos was founded in 1970 and has since become one of the largest and most well-known casino brands in the UK.

  • Where are Grosvenor Casinos located?

    Grosvenor Casinos has a significant presence across the United Kingdom, with over 50 locations nationwide. They also have an online casino platform for players to enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

  • Is Grosvenor Casinos owned by a foreign company?

    No, Grosvenor Casinos is owned by a British company, The Rank Group plc, which is headquartered in Maidenhead, England.

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